We Are 
OKKO Health

Smartphone software for home-monitoring of eye health

Hardware-free games technology to accurately measure sight

Our Story

Early detection and prompt treatment of eye disease saves sight and improves outcomes with reduced cost.  We built technology to monitor the eyes for changes in sight between in-person visits to support eye specialists to make proactive treatment decisions.

Our Vision

We believe that patients should spend quality time with doctors when they need it most (and safely avoid hospital when they don’t).  Home-monitoring of vision between appointments  will enable systems to deliver customised eye care and dynamic appointment schedules.


We build OKKO technology to measure vision across it’s dimensions, to identify the nuances of sight that get lost in a regular eye chart.  Our technology will allow our users and researchers to gather better data,  using big data analytics to discover new insights into how we see the world around us.

Keval Sejpar, Optometrist

"OKKO has the potential to revolutionise
the way we deliver eye care"

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