We believe everyone should have access to great eye care.
Here is why.



Making eye care personal

Focussing on qualitative data

Tech supported by science


We build smartphone software that allows individuals to measure their vision accurately at home.  For patients, this means that eye health can be tracked between in-person clinic visits.  For eye specialists, our technology means that great tele-ophthalmology is now possible.

OKKO Health was founded by senior eye specialists working in the NHS. Our CEO, Dr Stephanie Campbell knew that it was possible to take well-established vision science from the laboratory and use smartphones to bring it to the homes of patients. Not only would this save much appointment time and worry, it would also lead to an earlier diagnosis of problems and allow doctors to act early and save sight.  


At OKKO, we believe that everyone deserves access to great eye care.  In the short term, especially during COVID-19, this means getting urgent and continuing care to those who need it.  In the longer term, we believe that this looks like personalised eye care recommendations, and OKKO want to ensure that every person sees the best that they can do, for all of their lives.


You can hear more about the patient who inspired OKKO here.

We’ve built super easy-to-use vision monitoring apps for iOS, soon to be released on Android.  While we measure traditional visual acuity, we also measure aspects of vision related to how the eyes function in the real world, like our ability to see in low light levels, and understanding how the brain and the eye interact.  We have an app becoming available that can be prescribed by professionals for home-monitoring of children’s vision, another for adult’s central vision, and a third to assist with urgent tele-ophthalmology (single-use).  This is complete with a portal for the eye specialist.

We believe in bringing the top vision science into the hands of the patients and doctors who need it most and are working with leading ophthalmology hospitals to get this into your hands, too.


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