OKKO joins KQ Accelerator at The Francis Crick Institute

18th October 2018

Digital Health start-up, OKKO Health, has been selected as one of ten UK technology

start-ups accepted onto The Francis Crick Institute’s inaugural KQ Accelerator

programme. Through the accelerator, the ten selected start-up companies will be given

£40,000, in the form of a convertible loan, each to validate their proposals before

seeking significant investment. Each start-up will also experience a 16-week training

programme to help them build their potentially life-saving technology.

OKKO Heath is developing a technology which uses the myriad of sensors in current

smartphones to enable eye care professionals and patients to monitor their eye health from home, though playing a simple game on their smartphones. Founded by Dr Stephanie Campbell, a research and clinical optometrist, the company aims to have a product in the market by 2020. Speaking of being accepted onto the accelerator, Dr

Campbell said:

“It’s a huge honour to be working side by side with some of the brightest minds in

biomedical science, and to have the guidance of a world-renowned institution at such

an early stage of the business. I’m enormously excited about the future for our


The Francis Crick Institute is biomedical discovery institute dedicated to understanding the biology underlying health and disease, based in London, UK. The programme is called KQ Labs to represent the ‘Knowledge Quarter’ area around the King’s Cross, Euston and Bloomsbury regions of the city.

The Crick sits at the centre of a data, biomedical science and creative design ecosystem including the Alan Turing Institute, Google DeepMind, Benevolent AI, the British Library and Central Saint Martins, as well as UCL, its associated hospitals and the Wellcome Trust. As part of its unique focus on data driven health, KQ Labs is supported by Health Data Research UK and Genomics England.

KQ Labs program mentor and AI consultant, Paul Dowling added: “We’re delighted to

welcome OKKO onto the programme. The company has demonstrated the enormous

potential its technology has to radically improve efficiencies within ophthalmology and

the impact on patients and their health. From a data science perspective, OKKO has an

opportunity to create rich data pools offering enormous insight into the eye diseases

which are depriving people of their sight everyday”


OKKO Health has developed smartphone software for accurate remote monitoring of

eye health outside of ophthalmology clinics. This hardware-free solution runs as a

simple video game app for ophthalmology patients to play at home, using the sensors

in the phone to accurately measure features of their vision. For patients, this means

that eye health can be tracked between in-person clinic visits, and ultimately will lead to

personalised and remote care. For eye specialists, this innovation brings viable tele-

health to the ophthalmology space. The company was founded by Dr Stephanie

Campbell, a senior NHS eye specialist and researcher. It has been backed by

pharmaceutical giant Bayer under its G4A Digital Health Partnerships programme and is

a member of Digital Health London’s Launchpad Programme. OKKO Health is the

trading name of Okulo Limited. It is headquartered in Bristol, UK.


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